Understanding, preparing and managing effective contracts

Mrs. Myriame EL Khiati intervened at the Ecole Centrale de Casablanca for the second consecutive year. Her intervention  focused on the theme of contractual practice intended for professionals enrolled in the Master’s program "Leadership and Innovative Projects". During this event Mrs El Khiati shed light and tackled the following :

Recalled the main principles of contract law both with regard to the conditions in which contracts are being established as well as their effects on the main parties or on third parties.

Specified to professionals the risks inherent in the insertion of certain clauses depending on the nature of the contract in question, particularly with regard to the concept of unreasonable clauses, and compliance with legal clauses with regard to public order provisions, etc.

This training, both theoretical and practical, made it possible to assimilate the fundamental principles of contract law, the main aspects of contract negotiation and the risks associated with the existence of specific clauses.