Areas of expertise

Commercial contracts are the essence of commercial law and business law. The negotiation and / or drafting of these can be particularly complex.

Our firm, an expert in contract law, provides assistance to its clients in this area by taking charge of the negotiation and / or drafting of contracts, whether national or international ones and whatever the subject of said contract.

As such, the firm advises its clients in the choice of forms of distribution and / or sale and assists them in the drafting of commercial documents. Here are some exemples of these documents :

• sales contracts between professionals or for the benefit of simple individuals ;

• general terms and conditions of purchase, possibly within the framework of merchant websites ;

• sale of equipment ;

• Transport commission ;

• distribution agreements, in particular franchise agreements, commercial agency contracts, consignment contracts, car dealerships, commercial leases ;

• Acquisition or sale of business goodwill contracts;

• Service delivery agreements;

And any other commercial document.

Our firm ensures compliance with the specific terms in relation to the Consumer Law.

Labor law is complex and requires constant legal monitoring to follow the evolution of texts as well as the jurisprudence. By collaborating with the human resources departments of companies, the Firm takes care of all the missions in relation to labor law, from hiring to litigation resulting from a dismissal, a contractual termination or even a resignation.

The Firm has for instance developed expertise in the following aspects:

• Assistance in choosing and the drafting of employment contracts (Permanent contract, Fixed-term contract...), taking into account specific clauses (trial period, remuneration, objectives, mobility, exclusivity, non-competition clauses, etc.);

• Amendments in the contract or in the working conditions;

• Termination of trial period;

• Assistance in dismissal procedures;

• Drafting of transaction protocols;

• Implementation of disciplinary measures;

• Accompanying companies to ensure compliance with the rules of safety, hygiene, information security and processing of personal data.

The firm intervenes at all stages of the life cycle of the company.

As soon as a company is created, the firm shall advise and assist future partners or shareholders on the best choice of structure and articles of association (and bylaws) for the managers.

In addition, the firm assists its clients in the drafting of shareholders and / or partners agreements.

The firm ensures the legal monitoring of social structures, particularly with regard to the legal secretarial duties, the organization of boards of directors and general meetings, and the handling of legal formalities with the competent authorities.

The movement of goods and people as well as the international flow of goods and capital expose operators of international trade to the application of transport law. Our firm is particularly specialized in transport commission law and have been working with and advising a large number of international freight forwarders. For this reason, our firm masters the national regulations governing the liability of transport organizers. It advises its clients on the contractual level (logistics contracts, project contracts, General Terms and Conditions of transport, etc.), and generally on all questions relating to combined transport. Our firm is also specialized in national and international road transport with regard to litigations relating to transported goods.

The firm has significant expertise in aerial and aeronautical law. As such, the Firm has specific competence concerning all administrative formalities related to the registration of aircraft by the Moroccan General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

The Firm has also acquired experience in aeronautical law in the field of aircraft financing, particularly in the context of preparing the documents constituting the conditions precedent to the delivery of aircraft as provided for in said contracts and requested by international guarantee bodies. 

The firm also has the technical skills to carry out the study and validation of so-called "fleet" and aeronautical contracts such as: Rental, sub-rental, charter (affreightment), aircraft purchase or aircraft sale contracts;

Aeronautical contracts (engine purchase / rental contract, landing gear, maintenance and / or repair contract, etc.);

Partnership contracts concluded by the airline companies such as (code share), handling or hedging contracts, fuel, consulting, IATA, on-board sales, simulator relocation...etc.

Intellectual property is a major issue for the good development of the activity of companies and creators. It is a branch of law covering both industrial property and literary and artistic property. These intangible rights have important specificities and the issues associated with them need to be dealt with by specialized lawyers who are able to provide the most appropriate responses.

It is essential to take into account the different intellectual property rights at all stages of a company's development, whether in the context of the daily management of its activity, for project launches, or in the event of litigation with third parties. The challenges of intellectual property in the digital environment appear to be  mostly essential to master.

To optimize the protection of its clients' creations, the Firm supports its clients in filing trademarks and designs with the Moroccan Office for Industrial and Commercial Property (OMPIC). In order to secure the filing and submission of projects, our firm's intellectual property advisers are able to carry out prior research to determine in advance the advisability of a filing with regard to any prior rights held by third parties.

The Firm has developed expertise in negotiating and drafting trademark licensing contracts as well as all types of rights assignments.

Personal data protection law subjects legal entities (companies, associations, local authorities, public institutions, etc.) to several obligations and constraints, the non-observance of which may lead to criminal sanctions. The National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (CNDP) conducts multiple checks, which companies must be prepared for.

The firm regularly works with companies, particularly in sensitive sectors (banking, health, transport, survey companies, etc.).

The firm offers its clients a whole range of services in the field of personal data. In particular the performance of personal data processing audits, assistance and advice in the implementation of regulations relating to personal data, assistance in the formalities to be accomplished with the CNDP (National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data), sensitization  on the obligations incumbent on the data controller with regard to the processing of personal data or even the drafting of clauses relating to personal data transfer contracts or relating to internal rules.

By its transversal nature, internet law is made up of a body of ‘’traditional’’ legal rules such as those derived from consumer law, labor law, intellectual property law, to which have been added rules specific to or adapted to this media, to take into account its specificity, in particular the personal data law.

Internet law thus appeals to the  knowledge of the general practitioner, which must necessarily be combined with in-depth knowledge of the new technologies sector.

Our law firm specializing in Internet and cyber law has recognized experience in this field. The firm advises and assists companies, whether they are internet service providers (drafting of access and hosting contracts, etc.), companies carrying out online commercial activity (auditing websites and drafting general terms and conditions of sales, online concession contracts for content use licenses).

The Firm's expertise also extends to IT contracts such as license concesion contracts, maintenance contracts, and service delivery contracts...